Who Says You Can’t Grow in Winter?

Herbstation with a
self-watering system, LED grow lights and greenhouse has launched!

With the advent of
frost in late September or early October, many give up most of their efforts in
gardening. Just because the temperature is falling and days are getting
shorter, it doesn’t mean that you quit growing fresh produce. Altifarm’s new
product, Herbstation, is here to change that and keep the seasonality out of
home farming, allowing you to have fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits year
round. While snow is piling up outside, wouldn’t it be cool to have fresh mint
for a piping hot beverage, crispy lettuce in a salad or fresh spinach in a
steaming soup? When it’s grown at home under your watchful eyes with TLC, it’s even

Herbstation is a thing
of beauty – pottery inspired curves and a unique two-material (wood and
ceramic), double-walled construction with a discreet water-level window. At the
heart of this beautiful home farm is a unique self-watering system, which
stores water for up to 10 days, and works with capillary action and gravity –
no power supply, pumps or circulation involved. Autonomous watering means you
fill up water once a week and the kit takes care of the rest, no underwatering
or overwatering; and even if you are away for a week, you come home to thriving

The best thing about
Herbstation is that it supports soil-based growing. The goodness of good ole’
dirt fortified with compost or vermiculate is something we recommend, while the
system also allows for a soil-less hydroponic set-up straight out of the box.
Herbstation’s open design is a breath of fresh air among a sea of other new
grow systems, which involve seed-pod subscription or nutrient tie ins. Live and
Let Grow is what we say!!

The party trick here
is, of course, the magnetic LED grow lights. They snap in place like magic, and
the special light color wavelengths work like a mini-sun to take care of all
light requirements throughout the year, for almost all kinds of plants. Using
LED means less power consumption and minimal leaf burn if grown too close.
Herbstation comes in three variants – a countertop model which looks good on a
kitchen counter or an office desk, a wall-mounted double, or a three-tier
floor-standing model. There is an optional upgrade of zippered greenhouse cover
for the big unit, along with a wheel package for easy movement.

Herbstation is riding
the wave of a new generation of indoor farms which caters to an ever-growing
demand to grow fresh produce at home. It’s a given that food travels about1,500
miles on an average and is typically harvested days or weeks prior to reaching
your plate. While items like spinach lose up to 50% of vitamins within a day of
harvest and there’s increasing concern about pesticides, chemicals, and GMO in
food. Millennials are leading the charge among the Urban Farmers, with social
media bragging rights upon harvesting, and rightly so. After all, it’s your
right to know where the food is coming from.

Herbstation is available on Kickstarter for Preorders and could be reserved here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hrbstn/herbstation-the-easiest-way-to-grow-at-home?ref=8qjnnr

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