Using 3-IN-ONE Products to Maintain Gardening Tools

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“Maintenance Made Easy.” This is something you’ll hear a lot of with 3-IN-ONE® Brand products and there’s a reason why. Each one of them has a specific use, making it ever so easy to pick the right formula for those do-it-yourself projects, like garden tool maintenance.

“It’s Easy as 3-IN-ONE”

Whether we’re in the garden digging up dirt, pruning shrubs or even growing plants in the greenhouse, tools are an inevitable part of gardening, and they need protecting if you intend on having them last awhile. Products like 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil can help with basic maintenance like this. Specially formulated to lubricate and protect metal surfaces, you can easily clean and maintain your tools and other equipment with a simple drop or two for precise application.

one wants unsightly gardening tools that are covered in rust. Wipe down your
tools after each use and follow up with some multi-purpose oil for a quick
shine and continued rust prevention. Always apply the oil with a soft,
lint-free cloth. Rub it in completely and allow your tools to dry thoroughly
before using again.

There’s also a 3-IN-ONE® Fast-Acting Penetrant for those more difficult garden tools, like the pruning shears that were absentmindedly left outside – in the rain (oops!). This penetrating oil quickly loosens stuck parts, cleans away dirt and grime, and both penetrates and prevents rust from forming in the future, provided you store them properly. The lubricant will also restore moving parts so you can use them as before. Good as new. And, as with other 3-IN-ONE® products, the easy-to-use tip ensures precise application free of any messes.

Need a fast-drying, no-mess lubricant that works in extreme temperatures? 3-IN-ONE® All-Temp Silicone has you covered. It lubricates, waterproofs, and protects your tools in temperatures ranging from -100 to 500 F. (73 to 260 C.). Best of all, this silicone oil dries quick and clear, so there’s no messy residue left behind. And you can use this product on multiple surfaces – metal, rubber, vinyl, and plastic. I find that it works great in the greenhouse, especially around windows or doors. When cleaning the greenhouse each season, check all your windows, doors and vents to make sure they open and close properly. Then add a drop or two of lubricant as needed. “Project Done.” It can’t get any easier than that.

a 3-IN-ONE Product for That

are some other ways you can use 3-IN-ONE Brand products for tools?

  • Help prevent clay
    soil from adhering to trowels and other digging tools with 3-IN-ONE
    Multi-Purpose Oil.
  • Tighten up bolts
    and screws in your outdoor patio furniture – if you get to a bolt that can’t
    turn, use 3-IN-ONE Fast Acting Penetrant.
  • Protect your
    garden swing chains from the elements with 3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone.
  • Add a little
    3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil to prevent your hedge trimmer from gumming up.
  • Keep your stacked
    clay flower pots from sticking with 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil.

With these three products, you can quickly prep, clean, and protect your gardening tools with ease. You can find 3-IN-ONE® Brand products at Walmart and other retailers.

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