Two Key Ways a Tree Surgeon Can Apply That Finishing Touch in the Garden

you are an avid gardener, then having a beautiful looking garden is priceless.
You don’t even need to be a gardener to appreciate a garden that changes with
the seasons – one that provides unexplained energy and puts an extra spring in our
step when we get home from a day out. However, despite having the right
flowers, a perfect lawn, and garden furniture, there is always more that can be

can make a huge difference to the garden and are usually the very last gardening
job that people tackle. The best way to approach your tree situation is by
hiring an arborist.

of the most common mistakes people make when trying to improve their garden is
planting hedgerows and cutting down trees without looking for an alternative
solution. As a result, we are going to briefly cover ways in which a tree
surgeon will be able to help you in both situations.


people prefer to have a garden that is closed off. It doesn’t need to be closed
off by a hedgerow all around the garden because if you have one side of the
garden that lets light in over a valley backdrop or has views looking over a
field or ravine, then obviously you want to keep this.

come with multiple functions. They can be used for front gardens to add privacy,
to cover walls that are an eyesore, or simply to add privacy from the neighbors
on a property where there are low walls. American Arborvitae or Green Giant
Arborvitae are popular evergreen trees used for tall hedgerows to achieve
privacy all year round, as the trees grow 60 feet tall (18 m.).

evergreen shrub hedges such as Emerald Arborvitae or Nigra Arborvitae can grow
from 15 to 30 feet (4.5 to 9 m.) tall. You also have the option to use Rose of
Sharon or the fast-growing North Privet.

arborist will be able to help you make the right decision rather than you going
to the garden center and trying to get advice from someone that has never
visited your garden. An arborist will be able to pick up the trees or bushes on
your behalf, make sure you have the correct amount according to a predetermined
plan, and the tree surgeon will already know exactly how far apart to plant the
trees in your new hedgerow.

Trees to Grow in a Particular Direction

add value to your home, so the last thing you want to do is remove one. In
fact, you should be looking for any excuse not to remove a tree. If there is a
tree that is has become a nuisance because it blocks sunlight, annoys your
neighbors, is intrusive to certain areas of the garden, or for whatever reason
you feel it is better to cut it down, your first step should be to call an

arborist will be able to cut the areas of the tree that block sunlight or cut
off branches that are hanging over a neighbor’s fence. There are some trees in
which a tree surgeon will be able to influence the direction the branches grow
in while keeping the tree strong and healthy.

If the best course of action is to remove the tree, then at least you have taken advice from an expert that agrees with your decision. If you want to learn more about how tree surgeons, check out this company’s tree removal services (in Sydney) or look for one in your particular area. You can find out how tree surgeons operate and other ways in which a tree surgeon can help you improve your garden by working on your trees. 

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