This One Plant Has Natural Chemicals That Can Reduce Your Stay at Home Stress

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With stress levels at an all-time high, people across the globe are seeking at-home remedies to add a little calm to their lives during COVID-19. One of the latest trends is adaptogens, those generally not-so-tasty herbs and mushrooms that regulate wellbeing. 

We’ll let you in on a secret adaptogen that’s an emerging breakthrough on the wellness scene: saffron. Fortunately, it’s not only packed with nutrients and compounds that make you feel good, it’s also super delish, particularly in the form of a Safforia elixir. Let’s break down how this amazing plant-based solution works and learn how it can help soothe those frayed nerves.

What Is Saffron?

Beloved for its taste and medicinal benefits, saffron is the rarest spice in the world. For this reason, it does typically come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, a little goes a long way when it comes to the “sunshine spice”. 

Pure saffron generally comes in two forms: as spindly red stigma from the crocus plant and as a crushed yellow powder. The crocus flower only blooms once each year and each stigma must be harvested by hand, making this a true gem on the herb aisle. The delicious yellow spice is often used to add flavor and color to traditional dishes. Paella, anyone?

How Can Saffron Help Me Destress?

There’s a lot of buzz around saffron, but does it live up to the hype? Is there any science to support the use of saffron for stress relief? You’ll be happy to know that there have been numerous scientific research studies on saffron, including that it is just as beneficial for treating depression as common antidepressants.

Packed with B vitamins and carotenoids, saffron naturally boosts serotonin levels, giving you a mental glow up without the nasty side effects of medication. Here’s are just a few ways saffron can help relieve stress:

  • Saffron lowers cortisol levels, regulating the stress hormone that if left unchecked, could trigger severe anxiety.
  • Saffron boosts serotonin, the happy chemical in the brain, giving you an all-over boost of good juju.
  • High in antioxidants, saffron fights off free radicals which can cause inflammation in the body.
  • Saffron boosts the immune system naturally, helping to prevent illness.
  • Even smelling saffron has been touted to reduce anxiety and relieve PMS symptoms! 

How to Take Saffron Daily

You can reap the positive effects of this super adaptogen by adding saffron spice to your food, taking a daily supplement, or enjoying a refreshing Safforia elixir. Infused with tasty fruit juice and pure saffron extract, Safforia products are designed for total body and mind wellness. Drink to the power of your health!

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