The Best Planters for Your Garden (Review)

Do you know how to pick the right planter for your patio or indoor garden? We’ll show you the best planters on the market, as well as tips on how to choose one. Adobe Stock, © Liliya Trott

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Houseplants are a valuable living accessory to every well-kept home. They bring vibrancy to the decor and fill your house with warmth and color. For some homeowners, houseplants even serve as a focal point of the room. 

Choosing the right pot for your plant is crucial. It can affect how well your plant grows, how strong its roots are, and how quickly the soil in the planter dries out. If you’re looking to find the best options for planters and learn how to pick the right product for your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to find out the five best products you can currently find on the market today. 

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We like to save our readers precious time when it comes to researching the best planters. At Gardening Know How, we’ve evaluated a large number of planters available for online purchase and narrowed down our choice to five products. In our efforts to find the top products available, we’ve considered the following review criteria:

  • Price — Not many people are willing to fork over huge amounts of money for planters. Because the cost of the product can often be a deal-breaker, we’ve used this factor as one of the key determinants for finding the best planter for you.
  • Expected Life of Use — The price of the planter is an essential factor on its own, but it doesn’t tell us the whole story. The expected life of use of the product plays a significant role in the overall value for money of each planter. That’s why the top five planters we decided on are all durable enough for use over many seasons.
  • Brand Trust — As is the case with any product on the market, planters from certain brands fare better than others. We’ve only considered brands that have a well-established reputation for making high-quality and durable products.
  • Customer Reviews — Customer satisfaction is one of the top factors we’ve evaluated when narrowing down our choice for the best planters. Every planter featured on this page has a customer rating of 4.4 or better on Amazon.
  • Features — All planters function in the same way, but some offer more features than others. Our list of the five best planters includes both advanced and straightforward planters, providing you with the option to pick the most suitable product for your prized flowers.
  • Other Factors — Planters come in an endless array of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Materials are particularly important, which is why we’ve included planters made from several different types of products on this list. 

#1 Keter Easy Grow Raised Self Watering Planter 

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The Keter Easy Grow Raised Self Watering Planter is arguably the best planter you can currently find out there. With a generous capacity of 31.7 gallons, this planter offers enough room to grow anything from vegetables and herbs to flowers and houseplants. It’s made out of polypropylene resin, but in a stylish rattan pattern, and fits in with contemporary furniture.

As a part of the built-in watering system, the Keter Easy Grow includes an elevated bottom with a reservoir to prevent root rot. The reservoir has a convenient drainage tap included, which allows you to remove excess water from it manually. This makes the planter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Despite its robust structure, this planter is very straightforward to put together. You just need to screw in the four legs, and you’re ready to start planting.

Key features

  • Easy assembly
  • Simple-to-read water gauge
  • Loading capacity of 31.7 gallons
  • Drainage tap include
  • Water reservoir that prevents overwatering

This attractive planter has earned 4.3 stars out of 1,083 customer ratings on Amazon. 

On August 30, 2019, tracey gave it 5 stars: 

This is perfect as a starter planter. Just the right height and lots of room for growing a variety of fruit and vegetables.

#2 Mkono Macrame Indoor Hanging Planter 

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Indoor hanging planters are currently very much in style. If you’re looking for a modern and beautiful plant hanger, but want to save some money in the process, the Mkono Macrame Indoor Hanging Planter is an excellent option. Available in ivory and brown, this beautiful planter can brighten up your home, office, or balcony garden.

What stands out the most when it comes to the Mkono Macrame planter is the sheer quality of craftsmanship. The rope is made from cotton, making it a strong and durable product. There are no fussy tassels on it—which are often found on most hanging planters. For such a professionally made product, this planter comes at an extremely affordable price. of the Mkono Macrame Indoor Hanging Planter on Amazon. 

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Trendy design
  • Suitable for planters up to nine inches in diameter
  • Very simple and sturdy
  • Includes a sturdy cotton rope with beads
  • No hanging tassels 

This stylish planter has earned 4.8 stars out of 780 customer ratings on Amazon. 

On September 28, 2019, d gave it 5 stars:
I absolutely love this hanging planter from Mkono! It’s so cute, sturdy, and overall so great! Most macrame hangers have the tassel at the bottom, but I already had one with the tassle, so I looked for one without. This was the only one I could find and it is great! The pot is a 6 inch pot and it holds up so well! You could probably put a pot that’s even larger if your hook can handle it.

#3 HB Services USA Modern Round Planter  

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The HB Modern Round Planter is one of the best all-around planters we’ve come across when researching the top products in this category. It’s a self-aerating, self-watering planter with a reservoir that can last for over two weeks. This convenient design means there aren’t any upkeep responsibilities you’ll need to worry about with this planter. More importantly, the risks of mold, rotting, and fungal diseases from taking root are significantly decreased. 

This planter comes in a varying palette of colors and can also be purchased in four sizes. The largest size of the HB planter —12 inches — weighs a little under two pounds, making it very light and easy to move. It’s made from UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic, and is free of harmful chemicals. This makes the HB planter a great choice if you’re looking to grow food or spices. for the HB Services USA Modern Round Planter.

Key Features

  • Self-watering
  • Self-aerating
  • High drainage and deep reservoir
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Removable watering attachment
  • Built-in caster wheels
  • No risk of mold, rot, or fungus

This self-aerator has earned 4.6 stars out of 919 customer ratings on Amazon. 

On June 11, 2019, Brenda Dailey gave it 5 stars: 

I purchased 6 of these so far. And plan to purchase more. They are reliable, functional, easy to use, and my plants love them. They work well indoors and out. The little spout keeps water from getting everywhere. While they are absolutely perfect, a couple of suggestions: It’d be nice if the distance between the saucer and pot was ever so much increased so as to easily tell if more water is needed. Again, this is SO minor and will not affect my future purchases. AND I hope this company is so successful it can add more colors and styles. I plan to buy a half dozen more as my small plants grow a bit more.

#4 Omysa Mid-Century Plant Stand 

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The Omysa Plant Stand is designed in a mid-century modern aesthetic, with a minimalistic look and clean lines. Omysa is made out of high-quality materials, with the planter itself made from clay and the hardwood stand from American Black Walnut. The planter features a drainage hole and optional rubber plugs.

The planter comes in three stylish colors and inside dimensions of 10-by-10 inches. This plant stand comes at a slightly higher price point than most similar planters; however, it still offers excellent value for the money if we consider the quality of the design and the materials used. Another excellent feature of this planter is that Omysa offers all of its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked. 

Key features

  • High-quality design
  • Waterproof with a smooth matte finish
  • Internal diameter of 10 inches
  • Supports even the heaviest indoor plants
  • Money-back guarantee

This planter has earned a perfect 5 stars out of 72 customer ratings on Amazon. 

On October 29, 2019, Anna gave it 5 stars: 

Quality is amazing! The plant stand is sturdy and NOT wobbly unlike others in the market. The ceramic pot has a great weight to it and has drainage holes with plastic plugs included. You don’t need a plant saucer for this. Major bonus! The packaging was superb. I was worried how the ceramic pot would arrive but it was in excellent condition. Both the plant stand and ceramic pot was separated by styrofoam. It’s a snug fit so there is minimal movement and bumps during shipping and handling. Great planter for plant lovers!

#5 Foyuee Raised Planter Box 

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Unlike the previous four planters, which can find their place in both indoor and outdoor areas, the Foyuee Raised Planter Box is more suitable for outdoor spaces. The planting box is a little over 37 inches long and holds about two and a half cubic feet of soil. The Foyuee also provides users with ample space to grow numerous vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 

The Foyuee Raised Planter Box has a sturdy construction made of galvanized steel with an anti-rust coating. We think this makes the Foyuee the sturdiest planter of the five featured on this page. The planter even comes with a front handle and two back wheels. 

Key features

  • Very simple to set up
  • Ergonomic and convenient design
  • Stable, anti-rust metal construction
  • Durable for many seasons
  • Offers plenty of space to grow different plants
  • Ideal for outdoor use

This outdoor dream has earned 4.6 stars out of 31 customer ratings on Amazon. 

On October 17, 2019, Stacey gave it 5 stars: 

Love it! Super easy to assemble. Seems fairly sturdy. I actually want to buy another one. Perfect for starter plants or propagating succulents. Love that it has wheels in case it needs to be moved.

Things to Consider When Buying Planters 

Planters come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs. Below are a few additional things to keep in mind when buying planters. 

How much water do your plants need? 

Before you order a planter, be sure to learn your plant’s watering needs. Every plant requires different amounts of water. Moreover, not all planters come with drainage holes, which is something you should take into consideration if your plants require frequent watering. A lack of drainage holes can lead to rot, fungal growth, and mold. 

How much space do you have? 

Each of the planters mentioned above is an excellent choice for most gardeners. But the size of the planter is one important feature to consider. If you pick the right size, the plant should ideally be about two times more visible than the planter. This will give the plant ample room for growth, while also ensuring a balanced look. 

What materials do you want? 

Planters made from metal and wood are affordable. Lightweight plastic planters are also very popular for budget buyers; however, they aren’t as sturdy as products made from other materials. If you’re looking for the highest-quality and sturdy planters, they are generally made out of terracotta. 

How much durability do you need? 

Some materials are naturally sturdier than others and can endure harsher conditions. This is especially important if you’re keeping your planter outside all year round. While ceramic and terracotta planters are an excellent choice for house plants, they fare poorly when exposed to excessive sun or snow. In such cases, it’s better to go with a synthetic resin planter.

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