Stocking Stuffers For Gardeners – Small Garden Gifts For Stockings

Okay, you’ve nearly finished up all your holiday shopping
this season, or have you? There may be an item you’re forgetting, but it’s also
one of the first gifts we open – the stocking. This is the place for all those
smaller sized gifts, and stocking stuffer ideas for garden lovers and other
outdoorsy people on your list can be overwhelming. That’s why we have comprised
a handful of small gardening gift ideas that will easily fit into a stocking.

Garden gifts for stockings needn’t be an overwhelming task.
Check out these unique stocking stuffers for the gardener, nature lover,
do-it-yourselfer, or cook on your list.

Paw Paw Everlast Label CompanyHairpin Style Plant Labels

Paw Paw Everlast Label CompanyHairpin
Style Plant Labels
– Any gardener knows that when seedlings begin to grow
into plants, all our intentions for a neat orderly garden can get a bit
muddled. If you’re looking for unique stocking stuffers for gardeners on your
list, hairpin plant labels will earn you a big Santa hug.

Labeling plants is the best way to remember what we planted
where, and it’s so easy to do with these plant labels from Everlast Label
Company. The extra-long nameplate makes it easy to remember what’s coming up in
the garden and, later, how to find it among your burgeoning vegetables or
flowers. It’s called a “hairpin style” label because you simply push the two
stainless steel wires into the ground, just like a hairpin, only a lot

You can choose from galvanized or stainless steel wires, and
the labels’ nameplates are available in zinc or copper. The metal used for
these plates is so hard they won’t be scratched over time. You might throw in
one of Everlast’s special DecoColor Markers for the copper ones.

Great ScrapeWoody
Shovel Barbeque Cleaning Tool
– Do you know someone who loves to grill
outdoors? It may be cold outside this holiday, but that doesn’t stop some
people we know.

The Great Scrape Company makes a range of stocking stuffers
that will delight anyone who loves outdoor cooking.

These tough barbeque scrapers are crafted from hardwood and
sealed with mineral oil. Using natural wood tools eliminates the very real
potential hazards of wire brush cleaning. The wooden grill scraper becomes
customized by running it over your hot grill until the flat side of the wood
becomes grooved to fit. Then it’s ready to use every time you’re finished
cooking one of those incredible outdoor meals. Great Scrape’s customers sing
their praises for how efficiently they work. These are perfect tools for the
natural outdoorsy type on your list.

3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube

3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube – Maybe you’re
wondering why such a practical necessity is on our holiday gift list! Winter is
a time when the small problem of a sticking lock can become a major issue. You
just don’t want to be caught without a can of this 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube
in your car, RV and garden shed.

It’s a clean, clear formula that will unstick the stickiest
of locks, and it’s safe for metal, wood and most plastic surfaces. There are a
hundred ways this stuff comes in handy and, once you’ve used it on a lock, it
probably won’t ever stick again. It’s great for door knobs, hinges and window
tracks because it dries so fast and prevents future sticking. It’s not messy
graphite, and it’s not exactly fluid either. Who wouldn’t be pleased to get
this unsticker in a holiday stocking?

Fiskars Pruning Snips

Fiskars Pruning Snips – We all know gardeners need to
take care of pruning tasks that come along, and the Fiskars
Non-stick Micro-Tip® Pruning Snips
will make this a breeze. They’re perfect
for deadheading or snipping herbs for use in the kitchen.

The precise blades cut all the way to the tip for clean,
healthy cuts on plants in tight spaces, and the non-stick blade coating helps
reduce jamming. The stainless steel blades also remain sharp even through heavy
use. With an easy spring-action design that gently opens blades after each cut,
your hands won’t ever be tired or achy again! In fact, these snips were awarded
the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of UseSM Commendation – how awesome is that! As
an added bonus, the snips have Softgrip® touchpoints to enhance your comfort
control. Fiskars also provides a full lifetime warranty.

True Liberty® Home and Garden Bags

True Liberty® Home and Garden Bags – You may wonder
just how storage bags could possibly fit into the category of gardening
stocking stuffers. Well, it’s simple. Gardeners tend to grow their own fruits
and veggies, and what better way to keep all that produce fresher longer than
with True
Liberty® Multi-Pack Bags
. They are safe to use in your kitchen too (for the
cooks on your list too), in the convection oven, freezer, rice cooker, slow
cooker, Sous Vide or on the stope top, as they are resistant to cold, heat,
fat, grease, oil and water.

These industrial strength bags are 100% food-grade nylon,
BPA Free, FDA Approved and made to resist bursting and puncturing. This
multi-pack includes all the best household sizes, 2-gallon, 3-gallon, 4-gallon,
and 3-quart bags! Even better is the fact that they’re extremely versatile –
use around the home, in the garden, for outdoor activities and more.

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