Pottery Barn-Inspired Desk Makeover

Have you seen a new desk you love but the cost is too high? Come see this Pottery Barn-inspired desk redo and start browsing your second-hand options! Soon you’ll have people asking, “Is that a Pottery Barn desk?”

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pottery barn desk look alike on Remodelaholic

The Pottery Barn Teen Chelsea Desk.

Love it!

The $1000 price tag? — not so much.

Pottery Barn Desk, How To Make A Look Alike, By House Envy On Remodelaholic

After browsing through the furniture finds on Craigslist one day, I found this solid maple desk with similar lines to the Pottery Barn desk and bought it for a cool 30 bucks.  Not bad, right?

How To Paint A Desk White To Look Like It's From Pottery Barn By House Envy On Remodelaholic

1. Remove Hardware, Sandpaper and spray primer

To start the desk makeover, I removed the hardware and sanded the entire desk using a 120 grit sandpaper and then applied a spray primer.

2. Paint

After allowing this to dry for 24 hrs, I began applying my paint using a sponge roller.  I chose Pillar White color from Behr in a satin finish.

I love the grayish undertones and the way it reflects the light.

3. Clear Poly

After several thin layers of paint had been applied and dried, I gave this guy a nice coat of clear (non-yellowing) poly.

4. Hardware

To finish the desk makeover, I replaced the old hardware with fresh new pulls and knobs in an

oil-rubbed bronze finish, just like the Pottery Barn Desk.

Here is the finished result!

Pottery Barn Inspired Desk, By House Envy On Remodelaholic

 (Yes, the pictures on the wall look crooked.)

 And what desk makeover would be complete without the

“before and after” shot!

Second Hand Desk To Pottery Barn Look Alike By House Envy On Remodelaholic
Pottery Barn Inspired Desk, By House Envy On Remodelaholic


Awesome, Jackie! Your look-alike Pottery Barn desk is as beautiful as the real deal!

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Originally published 12.29.2011 // Updated 08.07.2019

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