One-of-a-Kind Gardening Gifts Designed to Wow

Browsing for garden gift ideas? Take a good look at this great
grouping of one-of-a-kind, unique garden related gifts. If you’re not one to do
the usual run of the mill gifting, or you’re on the lookout for quirky
gardening gifts, you may find what you’re looking for right here. We’ve
carefully curated this list of gifts for garden lovers explicitly for the
shopper who won’t settle for anything less than an unexpected surprise at the

Here are some of our top choices for one-of-a-kind gardening
gifts designed to “wow” the gardener(s) in your life:

E-Z Frame Greenhouse

E-Z Frame Greenhouse – Go big or go home, right? As
you build your garden enthusiast gift list, make sure to include the greatest
gift of all – an easy-to-assemble structure to protect those precious plants
from rough weather. Check out the E-Z
Frame Standard Greenhouse Kit
. Simple to build, this sturdy structure is
one of the most appreciated gifts for garden lovers. A frame to provide shelter
from the weather, this completely customizable kit creates the base for a sweet
space where your favorite gardener can nurture and work on plants. With
specially cut 2×2 lumber and heavy-duty propylene brackets, you can quickly and
easily customize a sturdy frame for your favorite gardener’s dream space. Prepare
for hugs.

Scout Cart

Scout Cart – Just when you think this list of quirky
gardening gifts couldn’t get any quirkier, you see this Scout Cart. Try to imagine all the uses
this cart has, and how much finer life would be for a gardener if things could
be transported around the yard, in the house and around the neighborhood with
this much ease. Scout Cart’s collapsible, sturdy, and compact cart can
eliminate miles of backbreaking lugging of plants and tools, indoors or out.
The detachable rubber wheels swivel and roll on any surface smoothly. Especially
great for apartment gardeners who use an elevator, and a great friend at the
farmer’s market, it’s a super-efficient transport tool that folds down for easy

Mini-Dragon Propane Torch

Mini-Dragon Torch – Ask all the gardeners you know how
they feel about weeding. They’ll tell you it’s not the most amusing part of
gardening. In fact, weeding is tedious and, well, fruitless, especially when
weeds spring up between concrete slabs, near sidewalks or in awkward places. Here’s
a fun solution. Try gifting your favorite gardener with a Mini-Dragon Torch! It’s
not for the faint-hearted, but is designed for the serious destroyer of pesky
weeds who doesn’t like using chemicals. The Mini-Dragon
Propane Torch Kit
is the ideal spot weeder for any meticulous gardener.
Zapping annoying weeds with fire creates a powerful rush, if you know what we

Spear Head Spade

Spear Head Spade – With two artificial knees and two artificial
hips, 85-year-old Daniel Mathieu was having a rough time digging and
cultivating his garden. A lifelong inventor, Daniel developed a new kind of
shovel that could penetrate his tough New England soil – one that makes digging
up to 80 percent easier! Awarded “Best of Best” in shovels for 2018
& 2019 by independent test lab Best Reviews, the Spear
Head Spade
tough garden jobs so much easier. Separating heavy roots, working in tough
soils and digging becomes much simpler! Give your garden lover the gift of ease
in gardening without having to ask for help. Available
in 3 sizes and multiple colors.

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer

Neptune’s Harvest Organic
– Fish and seaweed may not seem like a magical gift idea, but it
is. Using Neptune’s
Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1
produces mind-blowing
results. This amazing stuff, totally organic, triggers flowers to bloom large
and bright – they last longer and are more fragrant too. It generates amazing
results in all kinds of plants, indoors and out. A complete fertilizer, its perfect blend of hydrolyzed fish and
seaweed builds the natural sugar plants need to thrive. This holiday
gift may get a laugh or two, but what it does for plants will earn you a new
respect from anyone on your garden enthusiast gift list.

rePotme Ceramic Orchid Pot

RePotme Orchid Pot – Have you ever noticed that
orchid growers are often artistic types? Show the orchid lover in your life how
much you care with a beautiful container for growing orchids. The rePotme
Ceramic Orchid Pot
is a unique work of art sure to “wow.” Glazed cream
color over copper, the pot is cleverly vented, creating optimal conditions for
the delicate roots of orchids. The folks at rePotme are experts when it comes
to orchids and they don’t hold back when it comes to thinking of new ways to
make them flourish.

Pure Expandable Garden Hose

Pure Expandable
Garden Hose –
Okay, it’s winter. Maybe you’ve stopped complaining about
your garden hose that twists and shuts itself off every time you take it any
distance. This one is expandable! The Pure Expandable Garden Hose stretches up to
fifty feet, then retracts back into place on its own. The company proudly says
it has an indestructible multi-layer latex core. What that means is it’s strong
and flexible, and easily manages a great deal of water pressure. So, what’s not
to like about this? It’s red too. Put a ribbon on it for that special someone,
or even yourself!

SANSI 70W Daylight LED Grow Light

SANSI LED Grow Light – Some of us would rather our plants didn’t even notice
it’s winter. In your search for gifts for garden lovers, consider a full
spectrum LED grow light – really, what could be
better than a gift of daylight? This one doesn’t glow purple and is perfect for
any greenhouse, conservatory or in-home gardening project. Built with a waterproof casing and a well-protected
switch, the SANSI 70W
Daylight LED Grow Light
is fully adjustable and
well-ventilated. Because it’s made with 12
ceramic heat sink units instead of aluminum,
it dissipates heat beautifully without the need for an extra fan, which also saves
of lot of cash on the electric bill. It’s one of
those surprising one-of-a-kind garden gift ideas that your favorite grower will
enjoy all year. Let it snow, let it snow…

Nature’s Way Hummingbird Feeder

Way Hummingbird Feeder
– Do you know someone who’s hopelessly
in love with hummingbirds? We’ll bet they haven’t seen one of these yet. Lit by
solar powered LED lights, the beautiful 16-ounce Nature’s
Way Hummingbird Feeder
is made with colored (not painted) glass. We’re
pretty familiar with unique garden related gifts, but this one is really over
the top. Traditional hummingbird feeders are plastic, hard to clean and not
dishwasher safe. This one cleans up and fills so easily. Made from sturdy
hand-blown glass with tight-fitting gaskets on the feeding flowers, it has a
sweet leaf-perch for the little guys to rest on. And, did we mention it lights
up at night? It’s simply stunning, and the hummers will think so too.

Earth Easy Natural Cedar Garden Bed Kits

Earth Easy Natural Cedar Garden Beds – Have you ever seen
a real wood raised garden bed that didn’t eventually rot or shift and open up
on the corners? They always do. But the exquisite aromatic cedar grown in
Oregon never rots, and the design of the innovative Earth Easy
Natural Cedar Garden Bed Kits
the wood to shrink and swell for superior strength and durability, wet or dry.
No screws or nails are needed. Stack and pin with rust-proof metal rods that
hold them securely together, then easily dismantle them if you want. Truly a
boon to gardeners everywhere, this design solves so many problems with raised
beds. If you’re still looking for gifts for garden lovers, you can’t do
much better than this.

Chris Emmert Mosaic Garden Spinners

Mosaic Garden Spinner – For an unusual and unique garden-related gift,
check out these pretty, artfullycrafted mosaic garden spinners. Hung
from a tree branch or anywhere in the garden, Chris Emmert Mosaic Garden Spinners are individually designed with
colorful combinations of glass, mirror, beads and pewter. They hang from a
swivel so that even a tiny breeze makes them spin and sparkle. Each one is genuinely one of a
kind. Strong epoxy grouting lets them withstand all kinds of weather. Give your
favorite gardener a touch of unique beauty that will last for years, and one
that will lend an enchanting ambience to the garden.

Bionic ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves

Bionic Gloves – No it’s not the 6-million-dollar man or bionic woman from way back when (for those of you that remember), but when your favorite gardener is wearing a pair of these amazing Bionic ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves, they may just feel like taking on whatever task Mother Nature throws at them. Specifically designed with patented pads for a more comfortable, secure grip and flexibility, these durable gloves hold up to frequent use and are perfect for digging, weeding and planting in the garden. Even gardeners suffering from painful arthritis will come to appreciate the form-fitting support of Bionic gloves. No more achy, dirty hands after a day of puttering around in the garden. Your loved one(s) will thank you.

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