Lettuce Grow Hydroponic Gardening: The Easiest Way to Grow Vegetables at Home

Hydroponic gardening is a great way to get started growing vegetables.
Compared to a traditional vegetable garden, a hydroponic system allows you to
grow with less mess and to do it easily indoors. Taking that hydroponic garden
into the vertical realm has the added benefit of growing in limited spaces,
like kitchens, apartments, and balconies. Growing your own food is fun, easy,
and healthy.

Anyone Can Grow

Vegetable gardening can be a complicated activity, but it doesn’t have to
be. It’s possible for anyone, even those with no experience in gardening, to
easily grow tasty, organic veggies right at home. You don’t need experience, a
lot of time, or much space if you use the right hydroponic

vertical garden. With the right system, growing veggies is truly fun for
everyone, including families and kids.

What is Hydroponic

You truly need no background knowledge to begin growing vegetables. A
quick introduction to hydroponics will get you started. Hydroponics is a plant-growing
method that uses water mixed with nutrients instead of soil. Plants pick up
minerals and other nutrients from the soil, but if you place the roots of
plants into nutrient-rich water, they can grow just as well.

There are some important advantages to growing without soil:

  • It’s less messy.
  • Growth rates are faster.
  • The yield is better.
  • It uses less water.

What to Look for
in a Hydroponic Veggie Growing System

Searching online for hydroponic supplies or systems produces an
overwhelming range of options, especially if you’re not an expert. The best way
to get started in growing your own vegetables is to find an inclusive system
that provides everything you need.

For instance, the Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a simple, easy-to-use hydroponic system designed for beginners and even expert gardeners who just want a low-maintenance system. The Farmstand has everything you need in a hydroponic growing system:

  • A range of sizes for growing between 12 and 36
  • A self-watering system
  • A self-fertilizing system
  • Vertical design to fit in any space
  • Seedlings to get started growing veggies
  • Low maintenance design – just five minutes per week

Not only does the Farmstand use less water – 95 percent less water than
growing an equivalent amount of vegetables in soil – it’s also made from
recycled materials. You’ll get your money’s worth of produce too. In just a few
square feet, the Farmstand can grow as much as the harvest from 40 square feet
of garden space.

Easy growing of vegetables truly is for everyone if you have the right
product. With the Farmstand, you get a system that is ready to go. Just put in
the plants and water, plug it in, and spend a few minutes a week helping it run

Grow indoors or out, year-round, and enjoy more fresh, organic produce
than you could get from a vegetable patch outside.

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