Jung Seeds And Plants Giveaway: Gift Something That Grows This Season

Jung’s Seeds, based in Wisconsin,
is one of the most well-respected and prolific seed companies in the U.S. In
the seed, plant and catalog business since 1909, Jung’s has consistently offered
the finest quality, best-producing seeds for the gardeners of America. With a
massive collection of non-GMO and organic seeds, Jung Seeds and Plants is happy to participate
in Gardening Know How’s holiday giveaway program.  

Holiday Giveaway

A perfect start
for any gardener who wants to grow organically, the Jung Organic Vegetable Seed Collection is our first holiday giveaway this year. The kit
includes certified organic seeds for 8 of their most popular,
strongest-producing vegetables. All seeds are 100% organic and non-GMO.

If you’ve been thinking about
organic gardening gifts for someone close, or looking to start a fresh organic
garden yourself, what better way to get started than this set of seeds that
represents their strongest, largest and best-producing vegetables?


For starters,
Jung’s wants you to grow some of their well-known Belstar Broccoli. This broccoli
will thrive, even when growing conditions aren’t ideal. For beautifully domed
and tightly packed 6- to 8-inch, blue-green heads, these seeds can be planted
in either spring or fall.

Plant the Bloomsdale heirloom long-standing spinach seeds for
wholesome, energy-rich plants all season. This one is slow bolting – you can
keep picking away at it for a long time. It’s open-pollinated, with dark green,
thick and glossy crinkly leaves. Organic and nutritious.

If you love green beans, the Blue Lake Bush bean seeds in
this set grow a sturdy 15-
to 18-inch bean bush that will give you loads of 6- to 7-inch beans, free of
strings and fiber. You can continue to pick them over a long period of time. A
heavy producer, these are full of flavor.

Saving my
favorite for last, Jung’s stunning and delicious Karina Pea is a sweet treat to
reward you for gardening organically. Each pod contains 8 to 10 plump sweet
peas, and this variety will thrive even if your gardening weather gets dry and
hot. Enough about the green ones.


A perfect
holiday gift for gardeners, this organic seed package includes seeds for the “Delicious”
Tomato, a refined selection of the famous hefty Beefsteak variety. Grow some of
these large, tasty organic tomatoes weighing between 1-3 pounds, and you won’t
go back.

Who doesn’t
love red bell peppers? The large King of the North pepper will surprise you
with its sweet juiciness and weather-tolerant growing habits. This one’s a
rock-star – large, tender and easy to grow.

The bright
orange Napoli carrot is sometimes called the “sugar carrot.” You can harvest
these as babies in 45 days, or let them grow to their full-size 7 to 8 inches.
They’re a 3-season carrot that becomes even sweeter over winter. Okay, not
actually red, but close.


Speaking of
large prolific produce, have you ever grown an Alisa Craig onion? Huge and
sweet, this English heirloom strain of a Spanish-type varietal will thrive even
in shorter, cooler growing seasons. No organic garden is complete without an
aromatic, delicious onion crop, and this is the perfect seed, especially when
you’re wanting to gift something that grows!

How to qualify
for a chance to win?

Complete the entry form below for a chance to win. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Giveaway begins Thursday, December 5 at 12:01 a.m. EST and ends Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST. THE WINNER WILL BE DRAWN AT RANDOM FROM ALL QUALIFIED ENTRANTS AND WILL BE NOTIFIED VIA E-MAIL.

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