INDOOR GROWERS: Turn Toward the Light with G8LED

If you’re
reading this, you may already know a lot about indoor grow lights. But you may
not realize…

you’re growing plants indoors, your need for the best lighting is critical. The
truth is, you want your lighting to target the full spectrum of visible light
in the optimized, weighted average ratios that are required to maximize your plants’

What that
means in simple English? Any flowering or fruiting plant needs the closest
thing to perfect conditions to thrive when it’s grown inside. Growing plants
indoors often requires a hefty investment in time and resources, and there’s
nothing more frustrating than trying to pull off a successful grow with
substandard lighting. We hope this hasn’t happened to you. Read on.

G8LED Full-Spectrum
Grow Lights

One of the best lights for high quality growth and maximum yield, the G8LED 900W Veg/Flower Grow Light + 90W Flower Booster by Dorm Grow provides the most intense coverage for 8-12 mature plants, from the seedling stage all the way through harvest. Most indoor growers want to be confident that their grow lights are optimal for beautiful, healthy plants, and who wants to worry every moment about whether the light’s reaching down far enough or creating too much heat? Reliability is mandatory for indoor grow lighting.

A Glutton
for Power?

Not even
close! While the G8LED LED grow light has the same power as both a 1200-
to 1400-Watt high-pressure sodium or a metal halide bulb, it only uses 540
Watts of electricity! The light from this system penetrates 5 feet down into
the canopy and still saves 50-60% on your electrical consumption.

With its
minimized heat output, the G8LED reduces the HVAC capacity you’ll need for
keeping your grow room in the perfect range of 72-88 degrees F. (22-31 C.). The
savings on your electric bill alone will pay for it within the first year.


If your
plants are not as green and robust as you want, your lighting may be the
problem. Your plants need lighting that is scientifically optimal, as well as
durable and efficient.

Check out
all the kudos awarded to the G8LED 900W LED grow light, voted the best by real
indoor growers who’ve had powerfully successful results. Known for the most
efficient wavelengths for full-spectrum growing, the reputation of this
lighting is unmatched.

If you’re
a dedicated indoor grower, make a commitment to provide your amazing garden
with the highest quality grow light for an optimal harvest.

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