Faux Fur Tree Skirt

No time for intricate Christmas decor crafts? Same! Make your own faux fur tree skirt in less than 3 minutes — for real!

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DIY Faux fur Christmas tree skirt by Remodelaholic



1 2/3 Yard (60 inches) of faux fur fabric (60″ wide)

No sew faux fur Christmas tree skirt-2


1. Your fabric is one big square. Lay it out and fold it into fourths so it is in equal square quarters.

2. Cut an arch from outside corner to outside corner. Sorry, I didn’t get a picture…  The image below should give you the idea, but start your cut right at the corner and curve to the opposite corner.

how to cut a large circle for a Christmas tree skirt Remodelaholic DSC_1662

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3. While still folded, cut straight down one of the folded edges to the center. You now have a large circle with a slit to the middle so it will fit around your tree’s trunk.

DIY fur christmas tree skirt

4. Put the fur tree skirt under your tree and puff it up a bit, folding the cut edges under, if desired….and….Done!

Faux fur tree skirt by Remodelaholic

A no-sew faux fur Christmas tree skirt in less than 3 minutes!


No sew faux fur tree skirt

No sew fur Christmas tree skirt

SO Easy!… Now I just wish the tree would decorate itself…

No Sew Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt from Remodelaholic

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