Editable Magnetic Chore Chart Printable for Kids

This easy DIY magnetic chore chart printable will help each family member remember their assigned household jobs. Weekly or daily, personal and family editable chore chart for kids. 

Summer is here! We’ve been enjoying our new camper (which may someday become a glamper, we’ll see) and enjoying some wonderful family time. All of this has left our household and house out of sorts and a bit neglected. Which makes this mom just a little bit crazy. So, to spark some enthusiasm and get everyone back on the clean-enough-we-can-live-here brigade, we put together an expanded version of our cleaning binder chore chart for kids.

Easy Chore Magnets With Editable Printable Chore Chart Download #remodelaholic

Our spring cleaning pack includes a simple toddler-friendly chore chart, with 5 basic chores that kids can do at any age: tidy, dust, wash, fold, and toss.

This expanded version includes more specific chores suitable for older children, too.  From vacuuming and feeding the pets to scrubbing the toilet and doing the dishes — plus 3 different editable chore sheets to type in any other age-appropriate tasks for kids.

Easy Printable Chore Chart With Editable Magnetic Chore Markers #remodelaholic

I know some great parents out there have a chore chart that has stood the test of time, that they’ve found a system of chores and allowance that works for them and their family and that they’ve been using for years.

We are not that family.

While the tasks stay much the same (and our kids get more chores as they get older), I find that it helps us to mix up the system every so often and add a bit of novelty back to the chore chart system.

Family Editable Chore Chart Printable Pack With Chore Magnets #remodelaholic

When creating a new family chore chart, the number one requirement is that it is quick and easy to set up, and easy for everyone in the family to understand. This editable custom magnetic chore chart checks all the boxes!

Customize the daily or weekly chart with family members names or cleaning zones, with custom chores for each — easy peasy!

Household Management Printable Editable Chore Chart Magnets #remodelaholic

And we’ve even included an entire page for you to enter custom chores — just type it into the sheet before printing.

Download the printable here from the shop to get started.

Make Your Own Customizable Magnetic Chore Chart


Custom Fillable Chore Chart With Chore Magnets #remodelaholic

To make your own chore chart magnets:

  1. Print the color or black and white chore icon sheets.
  2. Use a 1″ circle punch to cut out each chore.
  3. Stick the cut circles onto the magnets, using the adhesive already on the magnets. No messing with glue!
  4. Top each chore magnet with an adhesive epoxy sticker to protect it from smudges or moisture.

Can’t get much easier than that!

How do you divide up and track chores for your family? I’d love to hear what works for your household!

Download the editable chore chart printable here.

More household chore helps:

Easy Magnetic Chore Chart Printable Pack, Instant Download PDF #remodelaholic

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