5 Wonderful Things About Planting a Hedge

A hedge is an investment, there is no doubt about it. No matter how you do it, whether you start with young plants or pre-finished hedges, you will invest time and/or funds. The return on the investment far outweighs the costs, however, which is why hedging has been such a popular landscape element for centuries. Here are 5 wonderful things that will happen after planting a hedge:

Privacy from views in and out

One of the main reasons to plant a hedge is for privacy in your space. A hedge provides a dense, leafy screen to block the view into your yard. It can also hide views outward, covering eyesores like unsightly fences, trash cans, and parts of your neighbor’s home that you really don’t want to see. While planting a mixed border of shrubs and trees can provide some privacy, they can’t compare with the solid screening of a privacy hedge. You can choose an evergreen hedge for year-round privacy, or you can use a deciduous hedge for summer privacy and winter brightness.

More desirable wildlife

A living hedge may seem like a still wall of green, but
when you get closer you will see that it is a bustle of activity. Birds love to
hide and nest inside, and many hedges are a great food source for pollinators
like honeybees and butterflies while flowering in spring. Some also bear fruit
that is attractive to birds and other small animals in the fall and winter

Less undesirable wildlife

While attracting desirable animals, hedges can also deter pests like deer from your garden. Deer don’t like to jump barriers they can’t see through, so a thick, tall hedge can be very effective at keeping them out. You can also plant a deer-resistant hedge variety like Cherry-laurel or Firethorn for extra protection. Rabbits avoid boxwood hedges, so planting these around susceptible plantings can help protect them.

Your other plants “pop” more

You may start to notice more vibrant colors in your garden when they are set against the backdrop of a beautiful hedge. Green brings out the best in shades of red, blue, gold, orange, and pink. They complement all types of other plants – annuals, perennials, shrubs, and accent trees. Bonus: hedges go with every landscape style, from informal cottage gardens to structured modern gardens. You can let the hedge grow somewhat loose to surround an informal garden, or you can keep it carefully clipped to suit a more formal mood.

Peace and quiet

This is a benefit that you may
not notice unless you pay attention, as it isn’t the presence of something but
the absence. Especially if you are in an urban area, you will notice road noise
less. You’ll hear less of your neighbor’s conversations and more of your own
thoughts. You’ll hear fewer utility vehicles and more birds singing. A hedge
can truly transform a space into a calm, quiet atmosphere where you can rest
and recharge.

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