5 Methods To Pet Proof Your Lawn

You love both your lawn and your
dog. However, your dog doesn’t always love or respect your lawn (unfortunately),
so we have to take responsibility for both. In this article, discover how you
can achieve a healthy balance between your garden and your beloved pet.

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Your dog loves running around in
the garden. All dogs do. And it’s always a lot of fun to see pups enjoying themselves.
No matter what time of year it is (but especially during the summer), dogs have
lots of fun investigating smells and running around. However, you really love
your garden and lawn too, and have likely spent a lot of time making it look great.
So there may be a conflict since your dog could end up wrecking it. That can
range from minor damage up to complete chaos inside your garden oasis. To help
you with this problem, we have 5 methods for helping you pet-proof your lawn.

It Really
Helps to Have Good Grass Seed

Anytime you open the front door,
your dog rushes outside. Dogs loves to run around and have fun, playing with
toys, sliding and rolling around in the grass, and just having the time of their

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This can all cause damage to your
lawn. All of the rough and tumble play may cause patches to start developing in
your grass, damaged leaves, and worn down areas. If there are many dog toys
involved, things can, of course, get even worse. However, it can make a
significant difference if you choose the right grass.

Most people do not realize there
are thousands of different varieties of grass seed that are available. And, of
course. there are some that are more hardwearing compared to others. Many
stores that sell various kinds of grass seed will tell you which kind of grass
is best suited for your local area and how to protect it against damage. For
example, consider a golf course. Different kinds of grass are used in different
areas of the course. Finer and more delicate grass is used on the green while
tougher grass is used on the fairway.

Golf courses use different kinds of
grass seeds in various parts of the course, and you can use different kinds of
grass for different reasons. The best type for your lawn will be a mixture of
various seeds, with some being finer and some be hard-wearing so that you can
have an attractive lawn.

Overseed to
Repair Your Lawn

If your lawn has suffered damage
already due to your dog, the way many have, the best method for repairing these
patches is to overseed the areas that are damaged. To quickly have a nice lawn
once again, the best thing to do is add plenty of seed to the damaged areas
along with some fertilizer to move things along quickly. However, it is very
important if you use this on your lawn to keep your dog inside for 48 hours
after putting down fertilizer and don’t forget to water the fertilizer in.

It’s very important that all the
fertilizer goes under the surface and into the soil before letting your dog
outside to play. Make sure to carefully read and follow the fertilizer’s
instructions, as always.

Dog Do-Do
is a No-No

Dog do-do might contain certain
fertilizing ingredients. However, it isn’t good for either your nose or your
lawn, in the long term. Your neighbors will definitely not appreciate the
terrible smell or the unsightly piles of feces in your lawn. The best thing to
do is to dispose of your dog’s waste as soon as you can, in the proper manner.

Dog Urine
is a No-No as Well

Dog pee, especially from female
dogs, is usually quite pungent and will damage your lawn. Whenever your dog
goes outside to take care of business, it is a good idea for you to take along
a bottle of water and squirt it over your dog’s urine to dilute anything that
might damage the grass and cause problems.

Plant a Bed of

We all love the environment and also our lawns. When you plant a bed of wildflowers around your lawn, this will help your local wildlife, provide bees as well as other animals with shelter, and also cut down the total amount of lawn that you need to take care of while at the same time giving yourself something beautiful to enjoy. So find a broad wildflower seed mix and start planting away! You will absolutely love the results.

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